July 27, 2006

My Landline is a Honeypot

Just answered the umpteenth call on my land line today. "Hi, this is Ann!" (Oh hi! How nice! Honey, who's Ann?) "I'm calling to tell you about..." - a recording - click.

Have you been gradually moving your telephonic life away from your land line? Almost everybody I know who needs to contact me calls me on my cell phone or on Google Talk. I keep my landline because - well, I'm not sure why.

Usually I let my answering machine pick up my landline calls, but for some reason today I picked up every call myself. And so I've discovered that my landline is a magnet for phone spam. I got a call from Comcast, one from an oil delivery company, one from Discover Card, one from a security company, one from somebody offering a "new outlook on life." And I got several calls from an extremely friendly recorded salesperson named "Ann."

My landline would make a great honeypot.

Posted by David at July 27, 2006 08:28 PM
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