May 11, 2005

World's best Board Games

Today's topic: the World's best board games for kids and grownups, both euro and not.

I grew up with a closet full of board games, most of them birthday presents, most of them forgettable. Family Feud. Gambler. Monster Squad. Scooby Doo, Where are You? But some of the games were great. Risk was a suprisingly safe bet, probably my favorite game of all. This Game is Bonkers ("never the same game twice") is one I remember fondly, but now you can only get it second-hand, which is really not quite the same as a new set. The world travel and trading game Jet World was fun, even if some of it went a little over my head. Ahem.

Recently I've been looking for games that I can play with my kids. There are some great old classics. But there are also some great games that are brand-new.

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May 21, 2005

World's best Computer Keyboard

I spend all day in front of a computer keyboard. Tap tap tap tap tap tap. Desktops, laptops, on the road, at home, in the office. Here I sit, tapping away in bed on a sleepy Saturday morning.

So keyboards are important to me. The worst ones are the desktop keyboards. For years I suffered with computer manufacturers' default keyboards and various gimmicky add-on keyboards. It seems to me that desktop keyboards are designed to have as many useless buttons as possible, with a gigantic size intended to impress shoppers, for a manufacturing cost that is low enough to justify bundling them for free with computers. They do not seem to be designed with usability in mind.

But I have finally found the World's Best Computer Keyboard. I have used my IBM SpaceSaver II for more than a year now, and my trusty keyboard has never given me any RSI problems (though please, people worried about RSI should look elsewhere). For my use, the keyboard layout is superb; the key action is perfectly balanced. The keys are big, the keyboard is small. It has a built-in mouse. The only thing missing it is that it is not wireless, though it does have a nice long (and straight) cord. (Do you hear me IBM? Lenovo? Whoever? I want this keyboard back, and I want it to be wireless! Anybody listening?)

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May 22, 2005

World's Best Things

A list of a few of the best things ever. I'll keep this list updated.

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