November 26, 2021

Reddit AMA

Join me at this link on Reddit on Tuesday 3pmET/12PT to #AMA about interpreting deep nets, AI research in academia vs industry; life as a PhD student. I am a new CS Prof at Northeastern @KhouryCollege; postdoc at Harvard; recent MIT Phd; Google, Msft, startups...

It is graduate school application season! So with prospective PhD students in mind, I am hosting an AMA to talk about life as a PhD student in computer vision and machine learning, and the choice between academia and industry. My research studies the structure of the computations learned within deep neural networks, so I would especially love to talk about why it is so important to crack open deep networks and understand what they are doing inside.

Before I start as a professor at Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences next year, I am doing a postdoc at Harvard; and you can see my recent PhD defense at MIT here. I have a background in industry (Google, Microsoft, startup) before I did my own "great resignation” to return to school as an academic, so ask me anything about basic versus applied work, or research versus engineering. Or ask me about “grandmother neurons,” making art with deep networks, ethical conundrums in AI, or what it's like to come back to academia after working.

Posted by David at November 26, 2021 11:21 AM

It's great seeing your success in your career. Congratulations on the PhD!

Posted by: Nelson at November 29, 2021 10:47 AM
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