May 23, 2017

Government is Not the Problem

Dear Senator Warren,

I write to you because I believe your leadership may help steer this country out of our current national crisis. As impeachment becomes increasingly inevitable, we need our leaders to avoid feeding the disastrous antigovernment philosophy that grew out of the Nixon impeachment.

We need you to need to keep pounding away at the message:

Government is not the problem.
The destruction of government by the Republican party is the problem.

Since the Reagan revolution, the Republican party has worshipped the perverse idea that "government is always the problem," which is an oversimplification and corruption of Reagan's vision that government by the elite is dangerous. Advocating the destruction of government is a politically potent message since nobody likes paying tolls, taxes, or fines. But the message is a cynical repackaging of anarchy that benefits only the rich and powerful, and it is the exact opposite of Reagan's vision. The Trump administration is proof positive that trying to "deconstruct the administrative state" is a disaster for everybody but the most greedy of the elite. Our country is being sacked.

Please - Senator Warren - ideas are important, and we depend on articulate leaders like you to help shape the discourse of our nation.

We, the people, believe in good governance, not no governance.

Sincerely, your constituent and supporter,

David Bau

Posted by David at May 23, 2017 08:03 AM
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