November 18, 2016


The media has started to use the word 'nativist' to represent a common point of view within the Trump administration. I do not think this word is appropriate. I makes it sound like the incoming administration is very pro-native-American, which conjures images of expanding rights for the Cherokee nation.

The word is not accurate. The media is just too afraid to call it what it is.

The correct word is 'racist'.

Posted by David at November 18, 2016 02:26 PM

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Posted by: hany at December 22, 2016 05:52 AM

Trump has now switched to calling himself a 'Nationalist', conveniently leaving off the 'White' part, because he knows his followers will quickly add that word to make Trump into their 'hero', a White Nationalist. Most folks just call these people FASCIST NAZIS, which is pretty accurate. Trump is all about making Americans distrust each other and hate minorities. He does this by demeaning immigrants and labeling them as 'others'. Trump wants Americans to believe that a white America is somehow a better America.
An all-white America is not America anymore, but instead a fascist state of hate.

Posted by: Beau at November 12, 2018 10:05 AM
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