December 08, 2013

Hour of Code at AMSA

Families participating in the AMSA Hour of Code 2013.

Yesterday I participated in a wonderful Hour of Code event at AMSA. The AMSA and Marlboro teachers there are absolutely amazing, dynamic teachers. I brought some new Pencil Code materials and books to use. Within 15 minutes they had things copied and stapled together; they had reviewed the new materials; and they were ready to roll.

Here are the materials we used yesterday.

Attendance was terrific, overflowing the reserved classroom. So they opened up a second classroom and divided kids by level. The higher level kids went through "Lesson 3", which covers topics such as variables, control flow, arrays, randomness, synchronization, and network requests.

The beginner kids started with "Lesson 1", which gets you going with basic sequencing and turtle drawing. At the 30 minute point, they were doing well, so I showed them the video for "Lesson 2", which is a nudge to get you to be thoughtful and creative. Lesson 2 also demonstrates arcs, which are a great tool for students to use to make beautiful things.

A few creations from the rank beginner kids - a lot of understanding in just one hour!

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