July 07, 2009

The Small Government Paradox

I am struck by Palin's assertion that her resignation is "the right thing for Alaska".

It seems like an example of the Small Government Paradox:

Officials that believe in less government will do less governing.

G.W. Bush famously took more vacation days than any other president in history. Sure, smaller, more efficient government makes a lot of sense. But shrinking government requires a lot of hard work on the part of leadership. Doesn't it?

Posted by David at July 7, 2009 09:08 AM

Should it?
If a smaller government = more efficient government, would that be a bad thing to take more vacation days?

It all depends on how well the government runs itself...smaller govs can be good and efficient, or they could more easily crash and burn.

In the case of the USA, I'd say it'd be good and efficient even if it's smaller, wouldn't you?

Posted by: Daniel at July 8, 2009 05:44 PM

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

Posted by: Thomas Jefferson at July 8, 2009 09:59 PM

I've been trying to arrange some extracurricular activities for my kids' school next Fall (I'm volunteering and doing the arranging), but I can't get anybody to return my email since it's Summer Vacation.

Having public schools idle for 3 months of the year is an old tradition. Do we want the rest of our government to behave the same way?

In the name of cutting taxes, my town has let its roads go to pot over the last decade. Yes, tax-cutting excess in the most Liberal town in the most Liberal state in the northeast.

I have replaced about $1000 of tires due to damage now, which I would have gladly paid in taxes for smooth roads instead.

There's definitely a difference between "less government" and "efficient government".

Posted by: David at July 9, 2009 09:20 AM
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