December 17, 2008

Amazing Transparency

Have you been following Obama's website? It is an incredible vision of what 21st century government should look like. The incoming administration has been posting every recommendation submitted by interest groups, providing a public discussion forum for each one. The comment threads seem noisy and uninformed sometimes, but it is clear that the website is also attracting knowledgeable people who are scrutinizing and challenging the proposals.

I have posted my two cents on afterschool education, transportation policy, and historic preservation.

I've also tried to raise my concern that China's trade policy is the largest obstacle standing in the way of U.S. economic recovery plans. is turning out to be a remarkable experiment. If you have ever thought that the world should be run differently, you should pitch in.

I hope the Obama team finds a way to actually improve its governance by tapping into the community that it has incubated.

Posted by David at December 17, 2008 04:01 AM

I've been watching, it has been extremly intresting. Obama has some great internet marketin guys

Posted by: grande dunes at December 31, 2008 12:27 AM


Posted by: Roger at August 13, 2010 11:13 AM
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