January 27, 2008

Obama's Strong Speech

"Yes we can,"

Update: a couple days later, a stirring endorsement by Ted Kennedy

Posted by David at January 27, 2008 06:12 AM

How do you think Obama will do in California especially given the latest developments with Hill in S.C.?

Posted by: Mary at January 28, 2008 12:46 PM

I think he will do well. Obama is doing a good job of changing the election arithmetic, as he says, practicing the politics of addition instead of division.

I am puzzled when commentators tally up, "Obama did well with young people, white men, black people, highly-educated people..." Do we learn something from all these labels?

No we don't. Obama is addressing the electorate in a different way. He is getting voters who are ready for a post-racist, post-cold-war, post-k-street America. His firmly optimistic approach shreds traditional demographics. And it smells like California to me.

Posted by: David at January 28, 2008 04:34 PM

Obama is great with heartwarming speeches, which means he is a great _politician_. But what are his ideas? I haven't really heard anything much more than waffling, much like Hillary.

The Republican candidates seem to have a much better idea of what it is exactly they want to accomplish, even if we do not necessarily agree with those.

Posted by: Heather K. at May 18, 2008 05:00 PM
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