December 20, 2007

Out of Stock Toys

Can't find a Wii? Get a DS instead.

I can vouch for the fact that the DS can be just as fun as the Wii, especially if you get a few. Mario Kart is great on the DS - for the price of the Wii and a lot less headache, you can fill the room with screaming jumping kids, each driving their own kart on their own screen.

I wonder how many Christmas shoppers are making that substitution.

From Reuters today:

The DS has been the best-selling piece of gaming hardware this year, moving 1.5 million units in November, according to market research firm NPD.... "The DS continues to perform exceptionally well, with some retailers voicing concerns about DS inventory going into the holiday," Fils-Aime said.

Is the DS going out of stock too? I can still find it at Costco, no problemo.

Meanwhile, the Amazon order for the Pleo I placed a month ago has been cancelled because Ugobe can't seem to get their manufacturing going. Pleo is not a case of a company unable to keep up with millions of units of demand; it's a case of a company having trouble getting their manufacturing started in the first place. A real mess-up.

Oh well. Any suggestions on what to substitute for a child who wants a robot? Maybe some Legos...

Posted by David at December 20, 2007 08:42 AM

Thats dumb. If you have to buy multiple DS's then your going to spend much more than if you were to buy just one Wii. Plus the Wii looks better and is more fun to play. Not to mention that your probabily going to have to buy more than one copy of a game to get more than one person playing it with DS's.

Posted by: Andy at January 3, 2008 02:21 PM
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