November 15, 2007

Obama at Google

Obama visited Google at Mountain View yesterday, and according to press reports, Eric challenged him to answer a Google algorithms interview question.

I am watching the video on the train this morning; I want to see the question and Obama's response...

A Grass Roots Checkbox

Obama is still my favorite candidate by far, and this morning I've pledged to match a $500 donation to his campaign. If you contribute $500, I'll chip in the same amount. I find it interesting that, in order to contribute to his campaign, you have to check a checkbox to legally affirm that the money does not come from a lobbyist or a special interest group.

"The more American people know, the more Government will be held accountable," he says while proposing a CTO officer of the United States. And turning away lobbying money is part of that same message of transparency in government. In both large and small ways, Obama's approach cuts straight to the core of what we need in the U.S. today.

An Historic Moment

Clearly Obama is smart, and he has got the right vision and priorities on the important policy issues. But the more he talks, the more it also clear that Obama will be a great president. He understands the power of the message, the power of principle, the power of setting an example, and the power of leadership.

Obama has the stature to fill the post. He will be a leader of historic proportions.

Posted by David at November 15, 2007 04:22 AM

I wonder why the video is no longer available?

Posted by: Charles McCreary at November 15, 2007 07:10 PM

Still works for me.

Directly on youtube here:

Posted by: David at November 16, 2007 09:04 AM
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