October 08, 2007

Best Lego of 2007

Boston is a great geek city. A few Sundays ago, we walked by Quantum Books on the way to try out the MuLan Restaurant in Cambridge. Even though the famous techie bookstore was closed, the owner (I think it was June Katitin) was in the the store and unlocked the door to let us browse around. We found a wonderful kids' book about numbers (Go Figure, by Johnny Ball) that gives a full-color treatment of such topics as primes, transcendentals, infinity, and the four-color theorem. What geek material.

Another great thing about moving from Philly to Boston is that we now live near two (two!) Lego Stores. We stumbled on one on our last trip to the mall, and we picked up a new set which I suspect is the best Lego set of 2007....

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October 10, 2007

Giving to Schools

Do you donate money to your school?

A few months ago I had a long New York-to-Boston train ride with Brad Seiler, an intern from Harvard, and we spent the time talking about that school's alumni fundraising....

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October 12, 2007

It's Official: We Picked The Wrong Guy

I can't help but think that the appropriate headline for Gore's Nobel Peace Prize today is this: "It's Official: We Picked The Wrong Guy...."

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October 29, 2007

Lego Minifigure Costume

One of the great axioms of childhood is that you can make anything out of paper and tape.

Lego Minifig in Two Easy Steps

When Anthony suggested that he wanted to be a Lego Minifig for Halloween, I Googled and found this howto site and imagined a whole weekend of supply-getting and sanding and glueing and painting foam pieces.

But Anthony had a better idea: "we could just make it out of paper."

And he was right....

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