June 23, 2007

Internet-Free Week

After our move, we had no internet access in our house. It's amazing to try to live without the internet for a week - how did we ever do anything without it? We had no idea about how to find out anything, from how to dispose of our trash in Lincoln, to how to contact the contractor who was going to install our internet access.

We did a good deal of talking to strangers in town to discover things like the location of the town dump and the hours. But also we did a lot of using the new 1-800-GOOG-411 service, which I had never tried before.

I was pleasantly surprised - it is quite good! Calling GOOG-411 feels very much like navigating Google Local search with your voice. It had no problems finding our broadband installer even though I had no idea which town around here he is based in. And no charge, and no need to bother a human operator ten times a day.

Posted by David at June 23, 2007 11:26 AM
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