November 24, 2006


On this black Friday, NTDOY continues its climb beyond 28....

An Ode to Nintendo

Today when scanning the blogosphere for information about Wii stock on shelves, I stumbled on this poem from recent-high-school-graduate and LiveJournal user Leanne that captures the reason why I intend to hold on to NTDOY up to 50.

so i have never been much of a video game person
even back in the day it was duck hunt only
even mario was too much for me
but i must admit i am in love
with a little system called Wii
honestly most fun you will ever have
and i am good at it
really good
so pretty much i am addicted
and my gaming boyfriend loves me even more because i like to play video games.
everyone go get a Wii, 1,000 times better then PS3.

The Supply Situation

Although Nintendo is doing a better job at producing the Wii than Sony is at the PS3, I was wrong about Nintendo's ability to get ahead of demand by Thanksgiving. From the blogs it appears that today people lined up for the Wii restock, and the new Nintendo console sold out everywhere in the early morning again. Heidi forbids me from going off to wait in line at 4AM with the gamer kids, so I'll have to find some other way to get a Wii.

On blogs, the phrase [i got a wii] is outrunning [i got a ps3] by about 226 to 31 on google and 639 to 144 on technorati, i.e., bloggers are reporting success in getting a wii about 4-7 times as often as the with the ps3. And if you read the actual blog entries, you get the distinct feeling that most Wii owners are at home playing their games, while PS3 buyers got them to scalp on Ebay for a profit.

If you are trying to catch the Wii restock at home, you can check the Wii Refresh Thing, which scans ten big internet storefronts to see who is reporting the Wii as "in stock." You may have to buy a big bundle of games to get one. While you wait for one, there is plenty of great video about the Wii.

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