October 17, 2006

Project Runway

iTunes has brought me back to TV, and it's changing my viewing habits. After a couple years of only-watching-DVDs, I'm starting to actually follow a couple TV shows throughout the season, like LOST, BSG, and Heroes.

But I find that on iTunes I am following shows that I would have never discovered on the hundred-channel cable dial. My current favorite is Project Runway, a reality gameshow where a dozen fashion designers vie to sew the best outfits each week. The initial draw: the runway show with slinky models where the clothes are judged every episode, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum.

But when you follow the show from the beginning - which is easy to do on iTunes - you quickly get sucked into the real appeal of the show: witnessing the creative process of a dozen talented craftsmen (and women) creating something out of nothing every week. The kids love it, too: whenever Piper watches it with us, she goes around the house pretending to sew everything.

Looks like the last episode is tomorrow! I don't know what channel it's on. I think I'll catch it on iTunes.

Posted by David at October 17, 2006 09:48 PM

very nice

Posted by: NTONO VIVIAN at May 14, 2008 09:48 AM
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