February 27, 2006

More NXT Information

Will be there a remote control? Lego Education responds via email: "Currently, there are no plans to offer a remote control for the NXT brick." Too bad for my kids, who like playing with the RCX robots as (slow) RC toys. But apparently you will be able to enter a 5-step program directly into the NXT brick, which will give us another way to have fun. Maybe even more fun than RC play; we'll see!

The Lego Education blog keeps trickling information out about the NXT every few days. So far they've described the touch sensor; the servo motors (drive in a straight line!); the light sensor (you can turn off the illumnating LED!); and the sound sensor (sensitive to volume and pitch!). I want to hear about the proximity detector, which is probably the most interesting new sensor in the whole bunch.

They have also described a rechargable lithium battery system for the educational version of the NXT that promises 6x the life of ordinary nonrechargable batteries! Sounds wonderful.

Can't wait for the NXT to come out.

Posted by David at February 27, 2006 07:08 AM

I'll be posting a more thorough description of the ultrasonic sensor (proximity detector) soon - I'm waiting to hear back from Denmark about a few technical specifics. Glad to hear you're excited about the battery - we are too!

Lisbeth White
Product Specialist
LEGO Education

Posted by: Lisbeth White at March 3, 2006 04:57 PM
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