February 03, 2006

Bolton Brings the Gavel Down

John Bolton rings in his first meeting as Security Council president promptly, to an empty room. Everybody else in the security council, as is their habit, saunters in 15 minutes late.

Bolton wants to shake up the Security Council by doing things which seem horrific to the other UN diplomats:

  • Meetings every weekday, starting on time
  • Daily written briefings from Kofi Annan's staff, distributed in advance
  • Open discussion rather than prepared statements

The other delgates hate Bolton's ideas, grumbling that "the ambassadors here are very busy people and it is not so easy to come each morning." Lord knows I'm no neo-conservative, but wow, bravo Bolton! If you are one of the 15 people responsible for negotiating the peace and security of the planet, you should take the task seriously. Out of bed, sleepyheads.

Posted by David at February 3, 2006 09:56 AM
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