August 03, 2005

Laaast Guessss...

Continuing the story of Anthony's Guess-A-Number game. This was my six-year-old son's first try at programming a game together with me. You would play the little python program by trying to guess a random number fom 1 to 100. And most importantly, the opponent was a Very Scary Vampire.

I was surprised that Anthony was so enthusiastic about programming such a simple game. In 2005, we are decades beyond a time when Zork was the coolest game ever - today's run-of-the-mill free online Flash game "La Casa de Dora" for 3-year-olds is an animated multimedia extravaganza.

But Anthony was psyched. He had a lot of ideas on how to make his Guess A Number Vampire into a worthy opponent, and they were easy to program in python. The vampire would just give you just five guesses. If you did not get it in five, you would lose. And when you were about to run out of guesses, the vampire would taunt you.

Let us take a look at his program....

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August 10, 2005

Is Google Newsworthy?

Have you ever noticed that Google and Apple seem making a lot of news in recent months? Both good news and bad news; there seems to be a headline a day, even on days when not much seems to happen. The two tech companies are certainly doing a ton of interesting things, but once in a while I wonder if they are actually generating more news than Microsoft and IBM. The two latter companies have a far larger number of employees and are probably doing a far larger number of things.

And even if Google and Apple are actually doing more interesting work (maybe they are!), both Google and Apple are famously tight-lipped about their ongoing work. There should actually be less news to write about these two companies.

So then why does there seem to be more news about Google and Apple?

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